the HeART of Wisconsin

My family moved to rural Wisconsin when I was 8. We lived on a dead end road; my younger brother and I reveled in the land and river that became our playground. Our imaginations were free to roam until supper time most days. My Dad gave me a Minolta SLR camera when I was 12. Dad inspired and taught me how to ‘see’ the landscape and animals that inhabited our land. The giant rural playground, its freedom, and my imagination were part of me in every town and city I lived in over the years. I even thought I’d outgrown my rural roots at one point, .. but my rural roots hadn’t let go of me. In July of 2015 I moved back to my rural home town. I began to photograph a landscape that held memories;.. nostalgia. I’d now begin to photograph what I felt; the art of seeing with all of my senses. I came home to the he’art’ of Wisconsin. There’s no place like home.