I have taken my past personal brand of nature photographer and reworked it to fit into a more encompassed view of who I am. The prior personal brand translated into pieces of art for people’s walls, and I was always frustrated that the experience behind the images was lost in that translation.

Though I had many experiences while capturing images of wildlife and nature, I also now have other experiences that are more conducive to inspiring people to overcome challenges in life. My new personal brand uses all of these experiences, coupled with photography, to present inspiring messages.

Rather than being known only as a nature photographer, like many others, my brand now is an inspirational speaker / writer / photographer with a message of Hope for others.

Friends and family call me a Free Spirit. I’ve been nicknamed ‘the Butterfly’. It’s often hard to see yourself as others do, but the words Free Spirit, Butterfly, and Gypsy all do a pretty good job of telling me who others think I am. From my own internal barometer, I’d say their assessment is accurate indeed.
I am a Silver Lining Seeker. I see the extraordinary in the everyday and I inspire others to see with all of their senses.
I like to share inspiring stories through my gift of photography and my life experiences. I am good at seeing the strengths in others, envisioning multiple possibilities and silver linings in situations, and I thrive on responding to unpredictable events as they arise. Overcoming fear with faith has given me opportunities to: travel and car camp (alone), travel across the west to photograph, survive a 19 degree night while lost in a canyon , and to
stay positive through breast cancer.

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