"Dear Kristen, Thanks for the follow up. We received the print on Thurs. and it looks sharp in its spot above our fireplace. Linda & I just finished redecorating our home & were looking for something new to go along with all the artwork I had reframed to give our place a new look. Her Majesty does the trick. She is now the focal point in our new surrounds!!"
Dan and Linda Zaborsky, Minnesota

"Hi Kristen,

Thank you for the invitation to meet you in Cable. Unfortunately, I was fixed in Minneapolis and couldn't be in Cable to see you on the particular days. I am disappointed, as both Elaine and I are highly impressed with the originality and quality of your work. We fancy ourselves as photography enthusiasts, and we were taken with your work on our very first trip to Rookery restaurant.

We enjoy an annual family trip to the boundary waters near Ely, MN, and each year we stop to admire the photographs of Brandenburg. I imagine his work is familiar to you as an individual with similar great talents.

We may still add another or two of your animals to our Lakewoods condo showroom, like an owl or the beaver with duckweed. Our friends and visitors have enjoyed your pictures, and we give each of them a tour at the Rookery.

Maybe on your next trip to Nature Lodge we will be fortunate to connect. Let us know."

Dwight Anderson, Minnesota

"Kristen Westlake is one of the most talented artists I know. I have one of her avian pieces and it is wonderful, but she does not limit herself to specific genres. Her work conjures images of paint artists. Georgia O'Keefe comes to mind, Edward Hooper, but she maintains her own vision throughout. Great Work!"
Doug Stewart, Wisconsin

"Kristen has a way of capturing the true beauty of wildlife, and people. She has a gift for seeing the whole picture and capturing the real beauty inside."
Amy Straubel, Wisconsin

"My wife and I received a first edition print of Kristen Westlake's Grand Canyon "Emotion" as a wedding gift. We were absolutely thrilled by the beauty and emotion captured in the image. We have the print mounted at the head of our bed. It's a very special memento from our special day that brightens our everyday." Bill and Harumi Richmond, Chicago

"I found Kristen and her beautiful photography a couple of years ago after watching a local television program which featured her. I quickly looked up her website and have since followed her ever since. I have spent hours watching the many videos of her travels on her website. I highly recommend viewing these at it shows what a photographer actually goes through to produce the art that they offer. I have to say my favorite is her "Female Cardinal" which I purchased a couple of years ago. I still look at it now and smile...."
Andrea Hanacek Sahs, Illinois

"I have purchased a few items from Kristen - 2 cardinal prints, gallery wrapped, and one double exposure print. After framing, they are exquisite. She has an acutely keen sense of wildlife in its habitat and a very creative sense of art. I strongly encourage anyone to enhance your home or office with her vision."
Amie Wagner Clark, Wisconsin

"Hi Kristen, Received the beautiful photos I am having the Panorama put in my Frame as we speak will look Great in My office! You Take Care and I LOVE MY IMAGE! It is crazy Cool!"
Jerry La Mott, Surterre Properties, Monarch Beach, CA